NiKole Maxwell

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    Process Design

    • Operating Procedures
    • Process Development
    • Policy Documentation
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Data Cleansing


    • Implementation
    • Project Management
    • Impact Analysis
    • Reporting / Billing Systems
    • Service Delivery

    Web Development

    • HTML(5) / CSS(3)
    • JavaScript
    • Nodejs
    • SQL / NoSQL
    • Git / GitHub

    Meet NiKole

    NiKole Maxwell - Business Process Web Developer

    Hi ~ I'm NiKole Maxwell your Business Process Web Developer and I am here to help you develop, document and address your business

    As a Business Process Developer for roughly 10 years, my goal was to "Make sense out of nonsense". I found my passion rested in identifying operational problems and creating solutions to address them.

    Eventually I made a pivot to add Web Development to my expertise. Now I am merging these two loves together to create my Full Stack portfolio

    Let me develop something your competition will 'nvy:

    • Project Implementation
    • Requirements Documentation
    • New Practices & Policies
    • Streamlining Rogue Procedures
    • Creating a User / Customer Guide
    • Initializing Document Repositories
    • Modernizing your brands' Style Guide

    I can't wait to work with you to create visibility, mold culture, and enable operational functionality in your business.


    • Designed processes for Verizon's Managed Mobility Service Suite
    • Subject Matter Expert - Telecom Expense Management Operations
    • Conducted over 150 implementations, conversions and migrations
    • Reduced average data implementation timeline from 90 to 30 days
    • Created the project Impact Analysis Phase